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After-Sales Policy

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing our products. To ensure that you have the best experience using our products, we have established the following after-sales policy to provide comprehensive and thoughtful service.

1. Warranty Period:
Our products come with a one-year warranty period, starting from the date of your purchase. During this period, if the product experiences any malfunctions due to manufacturing or material defects, we will be responsible for the repair or replacement of the relevant components.

2. Warranty Service Coverage:
Warranty service covers malfunctions caused by manufacturing or material issues under normal usage conditions. To avail of warranty service, please contact us via email:[email protected] or directly contact your order docking personnel.

3. Warranty Service Process:
  a. Contact Information: You can reach our after-sales service team through the contact details provided on the official website or by calling our customer service hotline.
  b. Fault Confirmation: Our after-sales service team will assist you in confirming the fault and provide further repair or replacement recommendations.
  c. Warranty Service: If the fault falls within the warranty conditions, we will provide free repair or replacement services. If replacement parts are needed, we will use original manufacturer components to ensure product performance.

4. Non-Warranty Coverage:
The following situations are not covered by the warranty:
  a. Damages caused by human factors or misuse.
  b. Malfunctions resulting from unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification.
  c. Issues arising from non-compliance with product instructions.

5. After-Sales Service Commitment:
We are committed to providing efficient and high-quality after-sales service to ensure you consistently enjoy a reliable water experience while using our products.

6. Feedback Mechanism:
We welcome your feedback and suggestions regarding product quality and after-sales service. You can share your experiences via email: [email protected] or by directly contacting our customer service team, helping us continuously improve service quality.

We sincerely look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our after-sales service team.

Thank you for trusting and supporting our products!

Aqualinf Co., Ltd.
[email protected]


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